Saturday, March 24, 2012

Concept of nature and Fine art nature photography

Nature Photography is mostly associated with wildlife and micro shot...
The concept of nature and how it inspires us is really cool matter to consider.
conceptual arts has allways been effected deeply from nature some times is has been scary and sometimes the origin and way of redemption...

by George Gradinaru

But I am talking about the form of nature as a fine art object and not making some rationalistic concepts out of it... The main form can be very emotional... But its not working in rational side of human brain and mostly people don't get effected directly...
Abstract effect is the main key in Fine art nature photography somehow... as the origin of our symbolism...

here is some cool examples for this:

By Jorge Maia 

By Mel Brackstone 

by Tony Sweet

by Kristen Westlake 

by Kristen Westlake 


  1. I have been noticing lately how often the word "jump" is used in conjunction with creativity. For me, it's really common but as long as covered with unique creativeness and all, it would be soon amazing to look at. Thanks for your posts too, it did help me too.

  2. Natural photography always my choice . Like these .